Who is the Rock Hill Pharmacy?
The Rock Hill Pharmacy opened in 2004 and was the
realization of a dream
by Scott and Diane Mace.   
After many dedicated years of service to the Rock Hill
Pharmacy, Joe and Amanda Giangiacomo
took over
ownership from the Mace Family.   We are dedicated
to the same quality, caring, and compassion that the
Rock Hill Pharmacy has become known for.  As a
life-long resident of the area, my family has always
been active in the area and we believe in keeping it
 We welcome you into our family and will
always treat you with courtesy and respect.  When we
do, we not only get a lifetime customer, but many of
the times, we make a lifetime friend.  At the Rock Hill
Pharmacy we attempt to continually change and
improve to meet the needs of, and help, our
community.   We look forward to many more years of
service to our friends and family.  
~ Joe Giangiacomo, Owner/Pharmacist