Med sync program

ALL Your Medications Ready to Pick Up at ONE Visit!

How does Med Sync Work?

1. Pharmacists review the patient’s prescription list to formulate a plan for synchronization.

2. The pharmacist then performs partial or short fills to synchronize to the determined recurring date. When appropriate, the pharmacy will schedule an appointment with the patient each pick up to discuss medications, related side effects, and any other health-related issues if appropriate. if no issues exist, the patient will be notified of pick up.

3. Patient picks up all prescriptions in one visit with his or her pharmacist.

What are the Benefits of Med Sync? 

1. eliminates repeated trips to the pharmacy each month, saving patient's time and transportation costs. 

2. minimizes confusion over prescription due dates and allows for better patient education on medication use. 

3. reduces disruption of treatment through delayed or missed refills. 

4. greater pharmacist oversight to address potential contraindications, duplicate drug therapy, and errors.

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